Why No One Talks About Anymore

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Why No One Talks About Anymore

Interesting Facts About Delhi.

If you are planning to go to India, it is important you also visit its capital city Delhi. In Delhi you will find fascinating building, friendly locals and delicious meals. Here are fascinating facts about Delhi.

First, Delhi has a very long history. For centuries, Delhi has been invaded, occupied, ruled and rebuilt several times. Delhi has been the capital city to many empires. Do you know historians believe Delhi has been occupied more than 3000 times.

Secondly, it is the world second most populated city after Tokyo. A population of close to 26.5 million inhabit there. This number excludes visitors who fly to Delhi everyday using cheap flights that you can view here. The population is expected to rise by the year 2030.
Did you know Delhi tops the list of green cities? To reduce air pollution, everything in Delhi runs on eco-friendly compressed natural gas. Also, 20 percentage of the area is covered with trees and parks.

The tallest brick minaret is found in Delhi. It was built in the 13th century, it is a good view both when you are near or far from it. Going to the top of it was banned after the 1981 stampede.

When it comes to where the name Delhi originated from, there are several theories. There was a king who ruled in the 50BC called Raju Dhillu or Dilu, most people believe the name originated from there. Historians have their own theory about where the name originated from.

Delhi is home to 2 of the largest markets in Asia. Are you a fan of spices? You can shop them in Delhi at a wholesale price. If you are a fan of fruits and vegetables, Delhi is the place to be. Watching the vendors selling the species, fruits and vegetables is actually a fan activity.

Delhi has the second-best metro system in the world. You can use the metro system to take you around when in Delhi. It is clean, cheap and efficient, instead of buying new tickets every time, consider getting a metro card.

India’s largest mosque is found in Delhi. You cannot visit Delhi without going to the mosque. It was built in the 17th century, it has several domes and entrances and two looming minarets. When visiting the mosque, ensure you have a head scarf.

Delhi is a home to several historical sites and museums, but what thing you cannot ignore it’s the museum dedicated to toilets. In this museum you will find several kind of toilets. It is a symbol of the sanitation problems in India.

The temple stands out because of its design, which is a sacred lotus flower. Also, it allows people from all religions to go there and worship.