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Cool Things You Must Not Miss When Visiting New York

New York is the number one place to be regardless if you are retired, wish to have a vacation or about to celebrate something. New York is complete from restaurants as well as wineries, clubs for night life and almost anything. In this post, we will be focusing on the handful of nice things to do in the Big Apple to make the most of your trip. I encourage you to read more.

Number 1. Walk to the Brooklyn Bridge – if you are searching for cheap and affordable things to do in the area, then you know that nothing beats the ones that are offered for free right? It will be a wonderful idea to take a quick walk from the Brooklyn Bridge and take few photos of its skyline views. Well in addition, there are many different restaurants that can be chosen on each end. You can read more about this subject here.

Number 2. Visit the Bronx Zoo Wildlife Conservation Society – among the most fun and best activities that you can do in New York is take a visit to Bronx Zoo Wildlife Conservation Society. Here, you will surely feel connected to the wildlife due to its 265 acre retreat.

The fact that it’s so big makes it hard to see everything in a day so better plan your trip in advance.

Number 3. Grand Central Terminal – if you like watching people, then for sure, among the entertaining things you can do in New York is pay a visit to Grand Central Terminal. Almost every hour, there are people everywhere, literally. Each of them has an agenda of their own with some are shopping, dining and even drinking. I suggest you read more what you can do here as there are countless of things to try.

Number 4. One World Trade Center Observatory – being able to see the Big Apple in the flesh and how alive the city is, is just amazing. Fortunately, you can do this by going atop the One World Trade Center Observatory and be left in awe from what you find here. Tickets on the other hand are a bit pricy but it is an experience you should have once in a lifetime. Might as well read more about the One World Trade Center Observatory prior to buying your tickets so you can be well prepared.

Number 5. Central park – our list wouldn’t be complete without the famous and ever popular central park. You are certain to make the most from your visit as the park has got something from someone; you may want to read more to learn about this.

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