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Roof Designs For Your Home

You may be considering making a change to the roof of your building simply because the old one needs some changing or for the basic reason that you would want to transform how your home looks like. There are many things that you can do including doing a new paint job, designing the landscape, changing the doors and windows among others in order to bring a transformation to your home. During the remodeling process of a home, a lot of individuals usually forget to work on the roof as they do all these other changes. This is because a lot of the homeowners are usually ignorant of the fact that several roof designs do exist and can be used to bring out a transformation to their homes.

There are a number of beautiful roof designs available in this company which can cause a total transformation to the appearance of your home and in addition raise the value of the home. One of the roof designs that you will find in this company is the skillion roof which is also commonly known as a shed due to the flat design it possesses. The reason as to why the skillion stands out is because it is usually linked to a taller wall on one of the sides hence making it to slant drastically towards the other side. If you happen to pay a visit to this company then you will also notice the mansard that usually consists of four sides which slope but are covered by a surface that is flat.

One of the advantages of the mansard as explained by this company, is that it leaves a space inside which can be used by the homeowner to add a living space on top of the house. This company also offers another kind of roof design known as the bonnet which is a bit similar to the mansard only that the design of the two roof designs are a bit different. This company also stocks the saltbox roof designs which is slightly different from the skillion roof design due to its minimal additional features. This roof can be very good in draining rain water in order to avoid the stagnation of the water on the roof.

In your selection of the various roof designs for the remodeling of your home, you can also consider buying the dome roof design from this company. This company will also offer you the option of selecting the combination roof which is a special kind of roof design due to the fact that it combines multiple designs. You may also decide to go for the sawtooth roof design which is distinguished by the fact that it integrates in the least, two slanted roofs. This company also offers the curved as well as the gable roof designs.