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Great Parental Applications to Keep Teens Safe

The technology is a great advantage, but also a nightmare to the parent considering scary phenomenal that is being experienced among the teens and the Internet. The child is exposed to different things which should not be within reach you the age because of the is the access to different technology or devices. It is dangerous to see the content that the teenagers can access now on the Internet but the as parents it is your responsibility to monitor such behaviors. You can always find this company selling applications that can be helpful to you as parents to help you monitor Internet access. Discussed below are some great applications to help keep your teens safe.

You can invest in the Secure Teen application which uses a filter to block your child’s access to inappropriate content. It is important to understand how this app works because it can be very beneficial as it uses filters to block info that should be exposed to the teens as while as sending instants alerts to you for further monitoring.

Another important application you can invest in is the Net Nanny which helps you as the parents to monitor your teens online remotely. You can always block any website that you don’t want your child to access, such as content on suicide, guns, and many others as it sends the alert to your app.

You can also decide to invest in Qustodio especially if you are a busy parent as it allows you to review the recent activities connected to the device. You can always access, social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. In addition to that, Qustodio application will be very vital when you want to set a specific time on which the team can access the Internet.

You should also think of investing in TeenSafe which is one of the greatest up as it allows you to monitor Internet messages, but also know where the child is as it has a GPS to help you do so. This is great especially when you want your team to be safe when driving as you also it helps you build honesty in your children.

If you need to be alerted when your child is involving dangerous people or content on the Internet, then you should think of investing in the WebWatcher application. This application is the best to always keep track of different calls made from the phone or messages as well as giving you GPS industry on different locations.

If your child is using the old models of mobile phones, then you should invest in Mobistealth which helps you monitor such models. You should also think of investing in Bark application which can help you monitor different platforms such as YouTube videos, emails, text messages and so on.

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