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The Story of Development For the Lacoste Crocodile Logo and Things the Rest of the World Doesn’t Know

You probably have seen people wearing clothes with a small crocodile on them, and if you are a fashion fan, then you know what it means. The crocodile label is the Lacoste logo and it has been around for so long, and until now it still mean so much on the fashion world. The Lacoste logo has a history of its development that you may not know, and this article will give you a brief story of its development. Below are seven things about the Lacoste crocodile logo that are unknown to the world.

The logo name crocodile comes from the nickname the founder of the logo got when he was a tennis player in 1923. The nickname the journalist gave him stuck from there and people started calling the founder Lacoste alligator, and later he used it to form the logo.

Lacoste loved the nickname he was given, and he used to design the first logo he used on his blazers he wore to the tennis games. Lacoste had his friend create the crocodile logo for him and that is how it came to use for the first time and it opened way to the amazing logo you see all over the world today.

Lacoste developed the idea of creating a better shirt for playing tennis, and that is when the first polo shirt was designed. Lacoste used the crocodile logo on pole shirt in 1933 for the first time, and that how it came to be known to the rest of the world.

The Lacoste label continued to grow through the years and it even started a cloth line for kids with the crocodile label. The 1970s mark the years when the Lacoste clothing label came to the international market, and it started through ads and proved very successful with more people loving the clothes.

In 1980 the Lacoste label was more than just a clothing line, but it had expanded to sell other different items. To add more to the fashion, the Lacoste label produced cologne with the crocodile label and it was all success on sales.

In recent years, the Lacoste label gave the new tennis generation something to remember their logo with, and labeled the tennis player Novak Djokovic the new crocodile.

These days the Lacoste products have decreased in the market but that is all in the effort of their new campaign they are planning. In the new campaign, they wish to create awareness of the endangered animal species by replacing the crocodile in their label with one of the species.

People still love the Lacoste fashion and it will continue to have an impact in the fashion world.