Tips for Having Happy Pets

This is the time of year to start better habits and to eliminate the nasty ones. But it is also the time when new pets come home. Below are some tips recommended by coaches, specialists and veterinarians to keep both owners and pets happy and healthy.

1. Maintain a healthy weight

This advice applies to both pets and owners. You lead a lighter life when you do not have to worry about carrying extra pounds. You control what you are feeding them, make sure you are not giving them sawdust. Also check your portions and make sure they are walking or running enough to burn the calories. If necessary, also buy a toy that keeps it active even in the house.

2. Invest in your training

The classes for pets benefit the owner before anyone else, as they give him control for basic situations, such as dropping something in his mouth that he does not need to chew on, or staying calm, or even on occasion. It is also good for socializing pets, with other people, with children or with other animals.

3. Take time to check your teeth

Proper dental care can reduce “dog breath”. You can help with old brushes, finger brushes, tongue brushes, water additives, chewing gums, and of course visits to the veterinarian for regular checkups and cleanings.

4. Schedule visits to the doctor

A periodic review does not hurt anyone.

5. Keep them hydrated

Urinary tract infections are one of the most common and preventable diseases. Just make sure your pets always have fresh, clean water at their fingertips. Change the water and wash your dishes regularly.

6. Protect them from fleas

In summer or winter, keep them protected from fleas. Even in the coldest months you have to spray them with an anti-flea powder.

7. Mental stimulation

“A tired dog is a happy dog.” On the other hand, a boring pet will cost you hundreds of shoes, covers, boxes and nibbles. Invest in interactive toys that will keep them busy even when you have to leave home.