How do I Teach My Dog to be Clean at Home?

For your dog, doing your needs in one place or another is a matter of habit. To do them inside or outside the house, in a specific place, is the same for him: a custom. Customs need time to establish themselves, the more times the same action can be repeated, the better established will be the custom. Once established it will take as much time to disappear as it needed to establish itself.

Teach peeing outside the home

It is very important that you always keep this in mind as it will help you to understand how you should act and what to avoid.

You will understand that instead of your dog understanding that he should not do his needs in the house because you do not want him to do it he gets used to doing them in the street because he has done them there many times.

Not only will you be getting used to doing the need outside. You will also be doing away with the current custom of doing everything in the “wrong” place. This is called dishabitating. To be successful it is very important to ensure that your dog can not make the same mistake twice. Every time the dog does it again you lose something of what you have achieved. The more times you can go wrong, the harder it will be to change the habit. There may even come a time when you no longer get what you want. So you must be very aware of everything that happens, you can not devote time to anything else.

The most effective teaching will be the one that allows your dog to always have his needs outside. It is not easy, because you often have the need to pee or poop many times a day. If you know how to detect when you will feel like it and get it out before you do, you will never be “wrong” (you really are not mistaken because you do not know where you are and should not!) Always do it in the place you choose as the most appropriate, will adapt the habit of doing it there as the most natural thing in the world.

To know when your dog will need it can help you know that there are many times when you have to do something safe:

The wake up.
After eating.
Having played.

If you are aware of all the times when your dog does one of these three activities, you can be outside with him almost whenever he needs it. Apart from these moments, you will need to be in others too, about every two hours, which means that at first you have to take the dog out every two hours. By making this effort for about two weeks he will have developed a principle of cleaning sense. Of course you can make “mistakes” and it will take some time to start telling you that you want to leave. She will warn you by standing uneasily in front of the door, looking at you and / or making noises. It is very important that you know to avoid that your dog has the opportunity / need to do it where it should not. You have to be watching and controlling it all the time.

Teach the dog to do baths outside the house

One more help: put a very strict schedule on everything related to your digestion: sleep, eat, drink, play … From the beginning you should apply a schedule to your food and water intakes.

Get your dog always tied and try to ignore it until you notice that it does something. At this moment you are happy, congratulating him with a pleasant voice. Soon you will understand that its owner likes very much that it makes his needs. If at the same time they start peeing or pooping you say it once or twice in a serious tone the word pee or poop and while doing it congratulate you, you will get him to learn to pee or poop at your command.

Reward the dog

You do not have to be overly happy when it comes to congratulating him. Pleasant talk is enough for him to understand that you like what he does. Avoid returning home as soon as you have completed your “homework”. Before going back he walks a little more, or plays with him a little. This will prevent you from learning that peepee means the end of the walk.

Until he is clear that he must do his needs outside the home, you should not correct him when he is wrong inside the house. Among other things because you can easily learn that doing your needs in front of you is risky because you can get angry. And they cannot understand what it is that you try to convey with your anger. If you come to make this association wrong you will have a problem, because how do you teach him to do his needs if he does not dare to make them before you?